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Yike Jiang, born on October 10th, 1981.

I am an introverted person. In my youth, I was deeply attached to ancient books and delved into literal words for deeper meanings. Many young people think ancient books are boring, but those books once became an important part of my life. They brought me pleasure or sadness. I once said to others, "If you can understand ancient people, then their feelings are also yours."

My passion about history and culture was born reading books including "All Five Thousand Years" and historical picture-story books in my childhood. During my college life, I read the Commentary of Zuo on the Spring-Autumn Annals. I am always touched by the unselfish, faithful, steadfast and chivalrous qualities of people who are recorded in the book. Moreover, the book shows cultural passion and free spirit. "The Commentary of Zuo" brought an ideology completely different from those of schooling and media. The book rebuilt my values.

"The Greek Way" written by Edith Hamilton also fascinated me. I believe that universal values are applicable to not only the Occident, but also the Orient. The Chinese way is harmonious with the Greek way.

The website "Oriental Style" was created in 2006. Over the last decade, I have experienced confidence, depression and self-negation. The Han Chinese Clothing, which I hoped to restore in my youth, has achieved a great influence on young people. However, universal values are becoming far away from them. In great distress, I closed the website in 2019.

In 2023, during the days of staying in Europe, I thought about what I have striven to do for the past decades. My thinking way is always with my cultural identity. Residence and nationality can be changed, but ethnicity cannot be changed. There are some things that I cherish. If I don't care, no one cares. My efforts should not be given up. Therefore, the website is open again.

For my articles written a dozen years ago, there are a lot of contents that should be modified. I am revising the articles, slowly but steadily.

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