The History of Chinese Clothing (5) -- Great Restoring in the 21st Century

These pictures are photos of young Chinese people who recognize the importance of restoring authentic Chinese Clothing in modern China. Since the APEC meeting in 2001, more and more young Chinese people have started to think about the kind of clothing that is representative of the great Chinese culture. They have found by exploring the ancient history of the past several thousand years, that their ancestors had the most beautiful clothing. It is this clothing that is called Huaxia Clothing or Han Clothing, which in fact is the authentic and beautiful Chinese Clothing. Recently, young Chinese people started to wonder why there isn’t this kind of clothing being worn and enjoyed in modern-day China. By their studies, they became enlightened as if they have been awoken from a deep sleep. In the beginning of their quest, they only knew to how to complain verbally about the absence of this truly important and beautiful part of the own grand history. Gradually they began to think that action works best. So they try their best at publicizing the beauty and importance of Han Clothing. They begin to wear the styles of Han Clothing personally, and enlighten other people including their relatives, friends, schoolmates and others of this important and overlooked part of their history. More and more of the mass media begin to pay attention to the actions of restoring authentic Chinese Clothing. In some local areas, some traditional ritual actions which are held by Chinese officials start to use Han Clothing again. It seems that the restoring of authentic Chinese Clothing will soon be realized to all of China and the world. However, the way to realize authentic Chinese Clothing successfully and completely can have many hardships and dangers because many Han people don’t understand the positive actions of restoring authentic Chinese Clothing. Oddly enough, most of the opponents to this important restoration belong to the Han people herself! Why? They have lost the soul of their ancestors, so they don’t want to accept the style of their ancestors. They aren’t brave enough to know and realize that the real history and culture of China should change their rigid and unchanging thoughts and ideas. If their ideas can't be softened and corrected by education, authentic Chinese Clothing won’t be restored successfully and completely. But it is very difficult to change a person’s heart. Therefore, all Han people who are loyal to our ancestors must try our best by education and publicity, to further the restoration of the pride, the wisdom and the sheer beauty of all aspects of the culture and history of the great Han people, especially, her clothing. May our ancestors bless us in our efforts!

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