The History of Chinese Clothing — The Preface

The Chinese style of Clothing has a long history going back several thousand years. According to legend, Leizu (嫘祖), the wife of Huang-Di (黄帝), started raising silkworms in captivity and invented a way to produce silk cloth. Huang-Di designed a beautiful type of clothing with the silk cloth. This style of clothing became the national garments of Huaxia. The garments became known as Chinese Clothing.

In the Zhou Dynasty which existed from the 11th century BC to the 3rd century BC, Chinese Clothing took on different appearances according to different social status. The Qi (齐) State was an affluent country and the people loved beautiful clothing, so Qi became known as “the land of beautiful clothing” (冠带衣履天下).

In the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese style of clothing was very popular at the time because of the great power of the Tang Empire. Ancient Chinese clothing had a direct effect on the clothing of other Oriental cultures. The Korean style of clothing was modeled from the court style of the Tang Dynasty. The Japanese Kimono was modeled after the normal national clothing of the Han people. Wang Wei (王维), a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty, said the origin of Japanese-style clothing was the clothing style of the Han Dynasty, a great dynasty of ancient China.

Huaxia Clothing or called Han Clothing (汉服) has been known as the Chinese style of clothing for several thousand years. This kind of clothing was representative of ancient Oriental civilization spanning millenniums. In the 17th century, the Ming Dynasty, the last empire that ruled by Han Chinese emperors, was destroyed. With that destruction, came the demise of Han Chinese styles of clothing and male hairstyle.

In China, there are so many beautiful things of antiquity that can only be known from the study and research of these ancient times.

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